The Crossing

Director: Julian Harvey
Producer: Clark Carter, Distracted Media
(Australia, 2012, 85 mins)

The Crossing is a feature documentary following two young Australians, Clark Carter and Chris Bray as they set off on the adventure of a lifetime. The pair attempted to drag their home-made kayaks more than one thousand kilometres across a remote island in the arctic

They battled freezing temperatures, knee-deep mud, razor sharp rocks, got chased by wolves and hid from polar bears until finally being forced to admit their dream was over.

After 58 days alone in the wilderness, they had covered only a third of the distance. Unable to let go of their dream, three years later Clark and Chris confidently returned to finish the job.


They were a little older, wiser and thought they knew what to expect from the island.

They re-designed and re-built a custom cart to carry the five hundred kilograms of food and equipment needed to survive a hundred days in the arctic. After a positive start, things yet again take a turn for the worse. The duo soon realised the island isnt going to let them across without a fight.

Many thanks to Umbrella Entertainment and Distracted Media for allowing us to screen The Crossing. For more information, or if youd like to purchase this film on DVD, please visit


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