Cedar Wright is many things to many men. Yes.. he is a Bon Vivant, Raconteur, and Poetic Genius, but he is so much more! Some know him as a scrappy dirtbag climber with an unusual penchant for suffering, loose rock and even looser women. But the truth is that Cedar is a man that defies simple definition. He is a man that refuses to be put in a box, so that he can think out of the box. A filmmaker, a musician, a professional climber, a man of the people. Who is Cedar Wright?

Cedars early years were spent in drug induced haze, lost and aimless in this world, but on a fateful day at the age of 21 he discovered climbing while working his way towards adegree in English in Northern California. Cedars life was forever transformed, and it wasnt long before he moved into his truck and moved his truck to Yosemite. Cedar worked on the Search and Rescue team for 5 years, while getting the shit kicked out of him by the endless granite cracks. Eventually Cedar got reasonably good and employing a scrappy, risk friendly style of climbing, managed break some speed records and put up some first ascents. What Cedar always lacked in real talent, he often made up for with a religious like fervor for climbing.

Cedar has free climbed El Cap in a day, established adventurous first ascents around the world, and often returns with highly embellished, and outlandishly tall tales of his exploits.

Recently Cedar Wright and Alex Honnold enchained all of the Californias 14,000 foot peaks using only bikes for transport, which when converted to meters sounds really pointless. This was the worst trip of their lives so they did it again less than a year later, enchaining 45 desert towers via their most difficult routes.. all by bike, reaffirming that hundreds of miles of biking combined with climbing, is a terrible idea.





Zen and the Art of Suffering

7pm Saturday 18 October, Paddy Pallin Stage

Lacking talent or even a clue, Cedar Wright has bumbled his way to the middle echelons of climbing lore.  How did this unlikely character go from being a zero to a hero?  Be sure to catch his hilarious multimedia extravaganza to find out his secrets to life the universe and everything.

Being a bit of a sex symbol himself, Cedar will also shed some some light on whether climbing is sexy in The Great Debate (1pm Sunday Scarpa Room). Hell also be running an adventure filmmaking workshop (12.30pm Friday Edelrid Room) for climbers dont miss this workshop if youre a budding filmmaker! Cedars film The Sufferfest featuring his climbing/cycling epic with Alex Honnold will be making its Australian Premiere at this years festival.

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