Extreme Rock Climbing In Australia

Majestic mountains, rough cliffs and upright granite slabs, all these made Australia a dream to climbers all over the world. Almost every state in the country has something to offer extreme climb enthusiasts. The diversity of the landscapes made adventure seekers enjoy challenging routes while novice to build their confidence and start on less daunting routes.

There are so many great activities in Australia, but rock climbing is indeed one of which that will not disappoint.

Rock Climbing Destinations In Australia

To help you get started with your journey, below are some of the rock climbing spots you should not miss when in Australia:

  • Mt Arapiles (VA)

This leading climbing destination in Australia has more than 2000 climbs to offer experienced enthusiasts. The mountain is relatively small and tightly packed. It offers expansive views of the beautiful Mitre Lake and assortment of the interesting Victorian outback.

It is a mountain to climb all year round. There are plenty of sheltered courses, hence perfect to climb even in roasting summer temperatures. But you have to know that this is a mountaineering Mecca and can get really busy, it is discouraged you go here on Easter except if you are willing to wait on very long queues.

  • Booroomba (ACT)

The abundance of enormous granite slabs around Canberra made the climb here extremely adventurous. There are so many routes in Booroomba, and they vary not only in length but difficulty too.

It offers views of the surge hills of ACT, and of course, Canberra itself. The scales positioned around the abundant fissures and slabs are most of the time bolted. The area may be scorching during the hotter summer season.

  • Point Perpendicular (NSW)


Point Perpendicular is not only the finest but also one of the scariest and nerve-wracking cliffs to climb. Some of the climbs will require mountaineers an initial rappel to reach the cliff. You might even get close to soaking or completely soaked, trying some of the most recommended ascents.

Do not get discouraged or threatened as the price to get when you become successful is beyond picturesque. The pelagic views would definitely make you ask for more!

  • Umbrawarra (North Territory)

This secluded creek offers about 30 different courses to attempt. This place may not be as big as other destinations, but time is extremely worthwhile here with meanders ascend attractive, red sandstone fa├žade. It is infused with so many beautiful and breathtaking sceneries no enthusiasts must miss.

The climb is not only for experts but intermediate climbers as well.

There are more rock climbing opportunities in Australia. And to those who are into rock climbing, the country is indeed a haven and a dream come true.