4 Tips Help You Get In Shape For Mountain Climbing

Although mountain climbing is an exciting activity, a lot goes into it behind the scenes. It’s not enough to show up with your gear and guidebook for the trip but you’re required to do a few things so as to get physically and mentally prepared before the trip. You’ll be exposing your body to extreme conditions, and without proper preparation, you might crap out.

 4 Best Exercises to Help You Get in Shape for Mountain Climbing

1. Build Strength

Strength BuildingYou will need a lot of strength to climb the mountain. You will be required to move vertical with an extra weight on your back and thus you need to get body ready for it. There are numerous exercises that you can undertake especially if you are a beginner or not already fit. You should start with pull-ups, dips, lunges and push-ups. Once the body feels comfortable with these exercises, you can add more weight such a bag on your back. Getting into the gym for strength training is another great way of body conditioning. Try bench press, military press and deadlifts amongst other techniques to get the body in shape.

2. Boost Stamina

This is essential training for mountain climbing. You must train in ways that teach your body to keep moving for hours and remain alert. Boosting stamina is a critical skill that every mountaineer must have. Developing this skill is not difficult, what you need to practise most is aerobic endurance and anaerobic endurance exercises. Other exercises that can help your body enhance stamina are distance cycling, aerobic classes and running amongst other things. Note that climbing the mountains depends on moving your body upwards and thus activities such as stair climbing and steep hiking will help a lot.

3. Altitude Training

This is not only an important training but also a safety precaution. As you climb higher up the mountain, the oxygen levels tend to fail, and this can make it difficult to breathe. For this, you need to train your body on how to adjust to higher attitudes or what is referred to as acclimatisation to altitude. There are different ways that you can do this with travelling to relatively higher heights being the most effective and natural. For a start, it will be important to carry supplements such as iron to help the body to utilise the oxygen efficiently.

4. Keep Climbing

Keep ClimbingYou may do all the physical preparations, but you need to put yourself to the test. You don’t want to get yourself stuck in the middle of a journey just because you didn’t test your skills early enough. Once you feel that you’ve gained the necessary skills, you need to perfect the art by applying it in places that provide a similar environment to that of the mountain. You need to keep training by climbing as often as you can to test your ability. If you have elevated places around, try out your skills there. Go for hikes to ensure that you’re perfecting the skills before the real thing.

There are just some of the main tips on how to prepare for mountain climbing. This is indeed an exercise that requires a lot of training beforehand to ensure that you are perfectly fit for the adventure. A lot is at stake in this exercise, mostly your overall health. If you’re a starter, it’s important to make sure that you adhered to the provided guidelines.


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